Ceremonies & seances

Ceremonies & seancesr

Ronny holds Healing and Spiritual Energy Ceremonies to strengthen contact with the Spirit World and each participant's life path. Attending a ceremony is always an enriching experience and a great opportunity for you to meet like-minded people that you can weave together for future fellowship.
Today many people live a life where there is very little room for playfulness, daydreaming and to completely let go of ordinary life.
Participating in a spiritual ceremony together with other people outdoors in nature is something that man has devoted himself to for thousands of years and in many cultures on earth today it is still something people do and it has almost fallen into oblivion here in our western civilised countries.

So come with us and become a part of something we hope will grow and become stronger in future.
Being out in nature carries with it many health benefits, but it is also the most beautiful and the most magical "church hall" we can find ourselves in and seek contact with the Spiritual and supernatural.

Welcome to contact us to attend some of our ceremonies.

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