Meditation is a key to the human being and its deep personal and spiritual development. If you feel a longing to get started on meditating or to hone your techniques and routines you already have, then you are most welcome to visit the Meditationscoachen on Facebook.

Meditationcoach Ronny Wulf is a perfect fit for your company or your organization as his lectures are down-to-earth and rest in both ancient mystery teachings that are also rooted in contemporary research and science. The lectures give the audience everything from laughter to moments of thoughtfulness. Each lecture contains elements of "trying yourself", and these lectures also help strengthen the bonds between participants.

Ronny has long experience in meditation and has 7 years of experience with hart healing. Ronny has also practiced Yoga since 2008 and especially Yoga Nidra and mantra meditation. Ronny also has a great understanding and knowledge of mystic traditions and different teachings, such as anthroposophy, spiritualism, Kriya Yoga and various shaman traditions.

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