Berättelsen om Ronny Wulf

Berättelsen om Ronny Wulf

Since 2012 Ronny Wulf has dedicated her life to helping people and animals with their abilities and gifts. Four years ago, the journey began with learning and sharing knowledge from a healing tradition where Kambo, among others, is one of the central natural remedies together with Ayahuasca and various forms of ceremony work.
The Kambo ceremonies are deeply rooted in spiritual energy and have the potential to generate very high spiritual energy as well as the often strong and clear presence of the spirit world. Collaborating with the spirit world is central to all spiritual work and Ronny has been closely associated with the spiritual sphere and the intelligent beings that exist there since the age of three.

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Ronny has experience working as a transhealer and spiritual medium since 2008 and has Reiki 1 & amp; 2 and studied Barbra Ann Brennan's teaching for 3 years with a mentor who works in this healing form. Today Ronny develops as a physical medium and holds regularly between April & amp; August outdoor ceremonies and healing sessions in a form that many would probably describe as shamanism. However, the system and methods rest in ancient teachings that were practiced long before we humans even knew the word shaman.

Ronny is also active as a lecturer and meditation coach and moves with ease among all types of people. For three years he also worked as a conversation supporter and healer at an outpatient clinic for heavy alcohol and drug addicts and has also worked as a professional tattooist and artist since 1998.

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Surely it is interesting to read about Ronny ?!
For a entertaining and realaxed reading, there is a longer version of the story , where you will find out more about Ronny's childhood and some important points in Ronny's life , which led him on the path to dedicate his life to what exists today and will evolve over time.