To book a time for Healing treatment, you first need to write me an email and tell you what you want to get out of the treatment. Information about any illnesses and problems should only be brief and generally descriptive, or if you have any kind of need for aids to move or communicate. If you find it difficult to leave your home or wherever you are, I can travel to you by arrangement.
You can tell details and more about your problem or illness when we meet. If you give me too much information, it can interfere with my way of absorbing energy and information, but also to keep your integrity and also avoid strengthening the energy in your problems. This is also because you should focus your mind on what you want to achieve with your meeting with me, but also to be able to decide if I can possibly help you.
Remember that a healing treatment does not always deliver what we "think" but we get what we need when it is time and sometimes it may take some time before you notice any results.

Healing can also be challenging to experience and is not always easy to handle, so I invite you to think carefully if you are ready to change and take responsibility for your own healing and transformation.

Butterflies are often talked about in the spiritual “industry” and how they stand for transformation and development, but few remember that a butterfly was first a caterpillar and none of us can even imagine what it feels like when the caterpillar bursts up and the butterfly rises from the remains. But we also know how beautiful a butterfly is when it released its old one and flies beautifully through nature.

If you are ready I am ready // Ronny Wulf

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Healing is somewhat inexplicable.
Science tells us that it works, but with science you can't explain how.

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